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Life at the Flying Goose so far


Figured I'd do a little write up on how my alter ego is faring to this point. Maybe someone else can get a few tips or even better give me a few tips lol.


Day 0 - Moved into my new cabin. Sweet! Going to be the new Jeremy Wade catching river monsters. First let's go for the INT boost. Nope I'm an idiot and fail hangman. Read up on a bit on handling an axe and then head out for kindling. Remembered the saw and all went well. Went for the tree now and I almost bury the axe in my leg. Got away with it luckily. Ok try again....crap a wolf that wants me for dinner. 4 shots later I get lucky and kill it. But now my shorts are full and I need to go home. Not sure if I should have been given an option of taking the wolf home for dinner but I didn't do that.

Not much enegy left so I do some more reading and start making a blanket. Getting tired so head off for the hotel since I have no food.


Day 1 - I'm back! Try for the tree again and success! Then chop it into little pieces and go inside to make a fire that I read up on. Fail a few times then smack myself in the head as I forgot to open the window. Fail again but then it's fire time Yay! Boil up some water and with a full canteen I'm off fishing. Well crap. Forgot the compass and I wander around lost for a few hours before finally giving up. No food agin today so I grab the radio and place an order for some coffee and sweet corn.

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