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Kaltera Cabin - Record of a Newb - by Zerris


Days Survived 0 - 7/27/2016


My cabin was completed and I dove in trying to learn what was what. Loaded all my guns even if I don't have the skill needed to zero out the rifle yet. I then went out to try and get some kindling which proved easy enough, even though I stupidly took the multi tool instead of the saw. Mistook which was which was which at the time.


Attempted to go get logs for firewood, only to get a wolf interrupt. Thankfully I managed to kill the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ after three shots. Due to the lack of dragging him back for skinning I'm guessing I at least need the tanning room before I can do that. Attempt number two did prove successful.


I then spent twenty minutes chopping firewood. before deciding to spend two hours reading about firewood. And then nearly two hours cooking myself a steak and potato stew.


I then went to sleep once the upset stomach stopped preventing me from doing anything.


Days Survived 1 - 7/28/2016


Today I woke and immediately had a mostly raw Egg for breakfast given I apparently am a  cook. First thing I had to do though was fix my damned window which broke in the night. I then sharpened and actually managed to successfully clean my knife before unbarring my door and clicking on the fate card...


Mental note, do not click said cards while door is unbarred again given I just got robbed. There goes my plan for my cash. Well after that I go out cause I have very low stocks of firewood. Ended up maulled by a bear for my trouble and waste two more bullets on it, thankfully I got back home.








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