e River 'Cabin Journal'

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   Season: Winter

   Difficulty Level : Normal

  Fast Forward option: No


  Thursday – Day 1


I choose a mountain location to build in, risky because of the risk of avalanche, but hopefully it may be good for Fishing, Panning & Hunting mountain goats!


Plus the drinking water is relatively clean!

However, the downside is no chance of post, & no access to either the doctor or rail road

I have chosen to take the 'Winter Starting Pack' which gives me a pre lit fire in the grate, 3 blankets & 3 juicy steaks, I have also opted for Starting pack B, which includes firewood & a much needed duvet jacket!

Its -27 & a storm is raging outside


I complete today’s hangman puzzle located on the cabin bedside table, to gain an  ‘intelligence boost’.