e River 'Cabin Journal'

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Where to build

your cabin...?

Players may build anywhere within the park (other than in water of course!)


The further from the radio transmiter the weaker the signal on the cabin radio.


The further east the further you are from civilization and that makes flying in supplies more expensive...


Building in the mountains gives access to more potable water and Mountain Goats to hunt... But risks avalanche in winter!


The Marshes are full of biting insects but good for moose and ducks.


A riverside location gives easy access to fishing and panning. It does leave the cabin liable to flooding however (also bears and wolf packs roam the river banks!)


Access to different tree types provides different wood with specific properties Re. burning, carving etc.


You may  want to build near friends to make trading easier.


There are many other aspects to take into account before putting down your roots so check out the Survival guide before building your first cabin !