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The Crappie Hole

Life so far at the crappie hole "N530 E430" has been very challenging.


Purchased e-RCJ Sept 2 after typing in "survival" as i have done so many times on steam in hopes of finding that different type game. Found it! in e-RCJ.


Day 22 up early as lots to do.

Light the stove and get some heat in this cold cabin. Cook some breakfast, little Java before i clean the fireplace.



Hearing the Bush Pilot fly over with my supplies i quickly run out the door giving the pilot a huge wave,he turns heading back and out it comes!my small crate, Re-supply! Damn glad too see this. He dips the wings as the sound of the plane


Shotgun in hand, i race out gathering my much needed ammo and fuel. Racing back to the cabin, I bar the door shut behind me before i can be attacked again.


Day 22 brought me what the previous 21 had>>>GRRRRRRRRR