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Day 0: A Prologue


I've finally done it! It's been over two years since I fled my home at the start of the war. All those months spent in fear trying to get across the border, close to a year spent living in a refugee camp, all those sleepless nights filling out paper work and preparing for hearings, and now I'm here! Many nights I would just lie awake in my tent and think about where I would go if I was allowed to live in the United States.


At first I thought of living in the south where the climate was said to be similar to the one I had left behind, but that plan was soon dismissed. Thoughts of home held too many bad memories, horrors I would just as soon forget. . 

No it had to be somewhere different; unlike any place I could possibly imagine. It had to be Alaska! Any time I spoke with an American about where I wanted to live they would suggest Alaska. Cold, isolated, a place where it was just you against nature.

A perfect place to get away from hatred, killing, and people in general. They would tell me about how beautiful it was here in the summer time. It was only when I first arrived that I truly believed them. This place must be paradise!


Never in my life did I dream that this much green existed! Life is all around me, the trees are alive with the sounds of hundreds if not thousands of animals. There are rivers...actual rivers!.. that are teaming with fish and other wildlife.

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